Medicated Pete Prank Pack

Medicated Pete Prank Pack APK Download

By Rebel Applications, LLC



Make the funniest phony phone calls. Over 100 Medicated Pete spoken-word drops! Pete Flirts “What are you into? What are your interests?” “Are you Jewish?...because you Israeli hot!” “Are you Australian?...because you meet all of my koala-fications!” Pete’s Job Interview “Do I have to be nice and talk to people a lot?” “Do you guys do drug testing...and if so how much warning do I get?” Pete Orders Food “Does your pizza come with cheese or is it extra?” “Does that come with a side of cheeseburgers?” The Wack Packer does the Rappin’..but YOU do the Prankin’ Includes 5 minutes of Audiomoji Call Time (must register) • Drop Loads of Sound F/X • Connect with Wi-Fi (VoIP) • Record Calls • Call anyone...from anywhere! Audiomoji • Barks • Bombs • Burps • Barfing • Farting • Snoring • Clapping • Peeing • Pooping • Poltergeists • Sirens • Zombies • And many, many more…