Medicated Pete Prank Pack

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  • Medicated pete

    By ldp926
    Any Howard Stern fan will love this app. Make prank calls just like they do on the show. Easy to get the hang of. Once you do, it becomes addictive. Prank your friends, and maybe even people you just want to yank their chain.


Make the funniest phony phone calls. Over 100 Medicated Pete spoken-word drops! Pete Flirts “What are you into? What are your interests?” “Are you Jewish?...because you Israeli hot!” “Are you Australian?...because you meet all of my koala-fications!” Pete’s Job Interview “Do I have to be nice and talk to people a lot?” “Do you guys do drug testing...and if so how much warning do I get?” Pete Orders Food “Does your pizza come with cheese or is it extra?” “Does that come with a side of cheeseburgers?” The Wack Packer does the Rappin’..but YOU do the Prankin’ Includes 5 minutes of Audiomoji Call Time (must register) • Drop Loads of Sound F/X • Connect with Wi-Fi (VoIP) • Record Calls • Call anyone...from anywhere! Audiomoji • Barks • Bombs • Burps • Barfing • Farting • Snoring • Clapping • Peeing • Pooping • Poltergeists • Sirens • Zombies • And many, many more…