Tabata Interval Timer Gym-Pro1

Tabata Interval Timer Gym-Pro1 APK Download


  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date: 2018-01-11
  • Current Version: 1.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 8.90 MB
  • Developer: YUCHAO ZHU



Would you want to take a 4-minute Tabata exercise? Are you a bodybuilder still follow the video or music? Let go of old ways. They could just help to learn moves, but then you have to adjust the training plan accordingly to make your efforts worked. Next time you work out, maybe you’d likely to try this practical voice coach fitness app! This is different from those with complex operation or gaudy functions. It is easy to set up all kinds of circuit training plans. You can custom moves pool, adjust theirs duration flexibly, and the dial interface is the settings page that allows you to complete most of the normal operations. WYSIWYG! This app also has more powerful and practical functions. It includes warm-up, cold-down and work out sessions, and also theirs duration can be changed flexibly. It can change the music automatically during your workout if you have suscribed the apple music service. This app is suitable for personal trainers, fitness enthusiasts, body builders, athelets, home exerciser and etc. Help to establish a scientific, systematic, based on your characteristics and personalized training program and maximize your workout are all we can do. Depends on no equipment and exercise anywhere or anytime! Hope you enjoy it. AT A GLANCE: + Easy to customize you training plan + Smart voice prompts + Automatically play and change music + prompts the next workout name + Fully customizable times, moves and tabatas + Can run in the background + Clean and smart design + Great on iphone X MORE INFORMATION: • Easy Customize Touch what you want to change to set work time, rest time, cycles, tabata, warm up time and cooldown time. Stopwatchs can be set in 1 second increments up to 60 minutes! • Customize your training plan You can custom every single attribute like moves and its duration, and accordingly the voice system will prompts you what the next move is. • Smart voice prompts system this app will alerts you when it is time to work, rest, warmup or cooldown, even when this app is running in the background. You can preset your workout names for per cycle, and this app will call out them while the timer begins working. You can turn off the voice prompts, and choose the vibration mode. • Automatically play music this app allows you to set different playlists for each of the work duration, rest duration, warm up duration and cooldown duration, and is easy to change the currently playing song in iPhone control center. Or you can just choose any music app you like, this app supports multitasking. • Runs in the background When the timer starts working, you can lock screen and run it in the background, and have it play voice prompts. Once your training plan ends, it won't run in the background any more, in case of more battery drain. • Green App No nofitycations, no GPS, no consumption cellular data, no ads, and less battery consumption.