Fly Tape

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By MSXII Sound Design

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2018-05-16
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 21.05 MB
  • Developer: MSXII Sound Design
Score: 4.5
From 20 Ratings



  • Really dig this

    By Kdragz
    Question for the developer how do I record the effects from this to a track ? When I try to in BEATMAKER 3 etc it doesn’t record to the track it seems more like a live effect ?
  • Sick as f#*%

    By skulptur sound
    Love this app so much.. it’s simple and has a great sound. The only thing that needs to be fixed is the cpu spikes that happen when the stutter button is used.
  • Pitch doesn’t work.

    By frowny-face
    Everything works except the pitch.
  • Hi Quality Lo-Fi! Once again MSXII Knocks it outta tha park!

    By UrbanImages
    The age of dirty digital is here! Another iOS music effects plugin that adds grit and character to a track that’s “too clean”, just the right amounts of saturation and distortion. Combined wit( tape base analog effects... “Stick your tracks together with FLY TAPE”
  • Dope!!!!

    By Pumpte
    White noise, stutter, tape stop, saturation and more!!!! Come on man it’s a must have.... Another great tool made by MSXII helping the iOS musician have professional quality fx at our finger tips!!!!
  • Dope but.....

    By DjMalue
    Yo this is dope and I know is gonna get better Pros. Quick easy and the interface is pretty dope Cons. It cut the audio when I was goin ham on the loop and studder buttons in bm3. Not sure why but it happened with in the first 5 min. I know u guys will work the kinks out. U always do with ur frequent updates.
  • Msxii Delivers again!!

    By Shaul305
    The squad at MSXII does it again. As someone who’s always run my mixes thru tape, having recently migrated to iOS only production, I needed a fill in. This app does the trick for me, I’ve used other apps attempting to do the same but this one captures the essence of tape from the 70s to the 90s with finesse. Thanks again for another addition to my arsenal along with Lo-Fly Dirt. -nkdVKNG (naked Viking )
  • Going to use this live

    By Vincent Brooks
    I can definitely see this useful performing!
  • Awesome

    By abstrak_soul
    Most needed app in my iOS arsenal, takes my iOS productions bounds closer to being 100% all iOS as opposed to exporting to desktop thank you simp
  • Fire!

    By GUIlliop
    This app is really good! Loving the ability to go half-speed on individual tracks! Thank you!!


Fly-Tape is a unique MSXII look on some of the aspects about tape that we love while adding some unique features that are enjoyable! Fly Tape installs as an iOS AUv3 FX plugin, designed for use within host apps such as Garageband, Beatmaker 3, Cubasis, Audiobus, and more. Standalone mode for demo purposes. Named for it's performance style of use, users can adding FX to their incoming audio signals in many ways "on the Fly." Sliders for textured nuances such as hiss & pitch will allow you to dial in tasteful settings that can become reminiscent of cassette tapes. These also can be automated via midi cc for additional modulation. Fly Tape FX: Fly Tape includes numerous touch based FX. These FX also release upon button release to enhance the performance experience. Additionally, some FX have more settings upon a quick, double-tap of the effect. Play Button • Will start audio (demo drum loop) in standalone mode • Disabled while in plugin mode Stop Button • Will stop playing audio with a scrubbing, slow down effect • Release will resume audio Pause Button • A simple audio mute. Useful for drops in performance • Release will resume audio Bypass Switch • Bypass Fly-Tape audio effect unit as a whole Noise Slider • Gradual increase of "hiss" simulation from left to right Pitch Slider • Gradual detuning of audio from left (normal) to right (-.50 cents) Half-Speed FX Button • Plays audio at half-speed • Normal playback resumes on release • Half-Speed will stay in time with current host tempo Saturate Button • 2 saturation modes "Clean" & "Gritty" available • Quick double tap will prompt small menu option • Release will resume normal audio without effect Lofi Button • 3 lofi modes "70's", "80's", and "90's" available • Quick double tap will prompt small menu option • Release will resume normal audio without effect Loop Button • Reverses and loops audio while pressed • Release will resume normal audio without effect Stutter Button • 8 stutter quantize settings available • Quick double tap will prompt small menu option • Settings available are 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/8T, 1/16, 1/16T, 1/32, 1/64 • Stutter is immediate upon press, release will resume audio without effect Tips: FX buttons can be chained in unique ways to deliver awesome results such as Lofi "70's --> Saturate "Clean" --> Half-Speed. All parameters of Fly Tape can be mapped in your favorite hosts. For example, you can map the Noise & Pitch sliders to faders or knobs on your favorite midi controller. Fly Tape's Midi CC values are listed below: Bypass: 102 Pitch: 103 Noise: 104 Tape Stop: 106 Mute (Pause): 107 Half-Speed: 108 Saturate: 109 Lofi: 110 Loop: 111 Stutter: 112