AirScopeUI APK Download

By Ernest Ketterer

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2018-05-25
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 20.30 MB
  • Developer: Ernest Ketterer



AirScopeUI is a full featured user interface to a dual trace Digital Storage Oscilloscope. Whether connected to a companion hardware device or running a set of built-in demo waveforms, AirScopeUI allows users to analyze signals in both the time and frequency domains. Traditional oscilloscope controls provide a familiar interface to select and scale primary scope display parameters. Innovative touch features allow for easy, direct control of display triggering, positioning and on screen measurements. Pinch and zoom capability on the horizontal provide a quick means to see trace details. AirScopeUI has a rich set of on-screen measuring tools for FFT and time domain displays as well as trace memories and the ability to export csv files containing all visible traces. Please Note: The AirScopeUI app cannot sample "live" signals by itself. A companion hardware unit, purchased separately, is needed for live capture, however this unit has not been released for sale yet. So AirScopeUI will only work with demo waveforms provided (see screenshots for waveform descriptions). Using the demo waveforms AirScopeUI is an excellent trainer for operating digital oscilloscopes and the FFT resources allow users to experiment with how the scope settings affect the FFT trace display as well as seeing the FFT traces for various waveform types. Features and Highlights: Input Channels: 10mV/div to 50V/div in 12 Steps Input Channel Coupling (AC, DC, GND) Trace Variable Persistence Trace Averaging Auto-Ranging Input Setting Selectable Auto-Measure Display (Vpp, Vave, Vrms, Vmin, Vmax, Freq, Duty Cycle) Invert Trace FFT Features: Auto Peak Labeling (Freq & Level) Trace Averaging Trace Variable Persistence Y-Axis Linear or Log Scaling Selectable Display Units (V / dB) Movable Horizontal Reference Line User Defined Vertical Scale Factor, 0dB Reference and Baseline Value Pinch Gesture Expand/Contract X Scaling FFT On-Screen Markers Measurement Panel: 2 Independent Markers (F1, F2) 0dB Reference Setting (Single Marker) Select Peak Function (Max, Next, Prev) Level & Frequency Display (per Marker) Subtract or Divide Marker Values (Level & Frequency) Manually Position Markers (Tracks Level) FFT On-Screen Distortion/Noise Measurement Panel: Adjustable Bandwidth Limiting or Wideband Modes Low and High End Cutoff Sliders/Text Fields 4 Independent Readouts Automatic Fundamental Frequency Detection Automatic Harmonics Detection and Labeling SNR, SINAD, THD, THD+N and Harmonic Peaks Measurements Correlated Noise Peaks, Random Noise and All Noise Measurements Selectable Measurement Units - Vrms, dB, dBV, %, Ratio Time Domain On-Screen Measurement Panel: Manual Voltage Measurement (Ch1 or Ch2) Track Selected Trace Data With Time Cursor Time Displays (Delta Time and 1/Delta Time) Sliding Horizontal and Vertical Cursors Sampling: Selectable Memory Depth (1024, 2048, 4096, 8192) Selectable Sampling Rate Multiples (1X, 2X, 4X, 8X) Trigger: Drag Screen Cursor For Trigger Point Setting Fine Trigger Setting Controls (X & Y) Trigger Source Selection And Trigger Edge Trigger Mode (Normal or Auto-Baseline) Single Sweep Mode Math Function: Math Function On Input Channels (+ - * /) Math Trace Variable Persistance Math Channel FFT XY Mode: XY Display Variable Persistence Independent X & Y Position Control Trace Memories: Store Channel 1 & 2, Math And FFT Traces Clear All Memories Button Help And Info Displays: Overlay Help Screen Available During Operation Help Displays Available For All Visible Objects Operational Highlights Tutorial Available Scope Display: Variable Intensity Graticule Multiple Graticule Pattern (Standard, Grid, Tick Marks, Hi-Res Grid, Circles) Selectable Trace Style (Continuous Line, Data Dots) Lock Individual Traces From X-Axis Panning Other: Export CSV File Containing All Visible Traces Skin Dimmer Controls App Background Intensity Double Tap Reset To Control Defaults Snapshot Button (Screen Capture) Trace Clipping Indicator