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  • Game-Changer!!

    By laurendt88
    My friend sent me a link to this app and I’m addicted! It’s like Headspace but for mindset coaching and I’m loving a few of the routines that I’m currently completing. It’s nice to know you can work on yourself and that it doesn’t need to take more than 10 minutes a day. Highly recommend.


Live your best life inside and out, by cultivating the essential mindpower you need to achieve anything. Life You Love is the best app for busy people to develop a success mindset. Design the life you love in just 5 minutes a day with Life You Love coaches. Life You Love is a personal development platform focused on helping you live your best life. We’ve brought together world-class coaches, teachers, trained positive psychologists and specialty therapists via video and audio routines to help you develop a mindset for success. Via our routines, we help you understand the limiting factors that are holding you back from achieving your goals, and re-align you to what you value, desire and want. Our daily routines in the app are created by globally renowned coaches. You can find our longer video eCourse routines on our website. GET GOOD AT ALL AREAS OF LIFE. We're here to help you build your most joyful life. Our routines get you into the right state of mind - taking you on a personal journey to uncover who you are and understand what’s been holding you back from achieving your personal greatness. We transform you into your best self by working with you every single day to elevate your mindset. Our 21-day (3-week) routines help you to craft emotional intelligence skills, go inward to discover yourself, and ultimately gift you with the mindpower you need to achieve anything. BE THE BEST. LEARN FROM THE BEST. Success doesn’t happen by accident. We’ve uncovered the science and soul behind success and we’ve found the best coaches to help you get there. ​​Learn from the best, and be the best. Work with the world’s brightest teachers and coaches to unlock your greatest potential. From finding your purpose to cultivating self-love and self empowerment, we’ve got you covered. 5 MINUTES A DAY. In only 5 minutes a day, you can elevate your mindset, develop new skills, and get the motivation you need to kickstart your best day via our 21-day daily routines. Want to turn your most loved passion into your career? Want to find the love you’ve been looking for? Want to speak up for yourself? Be more productive? Be a high performer? Unlock your creativity? Be successful? Get good at all of those things, in this app. ROUTINES INCLUDE: Purpose - Get to Your Life Purpose / Get to Turn Passion into Reality / Get to Create a Purposeful Life Power - Get Good at Living Empowered / Get Body Love / Get Good at Self Love Partnership - Get to Create the Love You Desire / Get Good at Letting Go / Get Past Heartbreak Prosperity - Get Good at Money Peace - Get Inner Peace / Get to Finding Peace / Get Gratitude Performance - Get High Performance / Get Productive / Get Fit for Good By downloading this app, you accept the conditions of our terms and privacy policy: Terms & Conditions: Privacy Policy: CONNECT WITH LIFE YOU LOVE Contact: Instagram: @lifeyouloveco Facebook: @lifeyouloveco