Tiny Human Alphabet Catch

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By I Teach Tiny Humans, LLC



Tiny Human Alphabet Catch helps your student or child with letter recognition. Children will have fun learning to recognize both upper case and lower case letters as they catch the correct corresponding letter. The purpose of the game is to catch fish with the matching letter as they leap from the depths of the ocean. Match the letter on the pelican with the letter on the fish and you will score points. Beware! If you miss a letter you will have a point deducted from your score. Match enough letters and a surprise will float across the ocean! You can customize game play by choosing which letters to focus on. There are also three levels of play that can increase the speed of the game for more advanced learners. The fun graphics, animations and sound effects will keep your child engaged as they practice letter recognition. Your student or child is sure to have fun with this game as well as learn to recognize all the letters of the alphabet. This game has been used in several class rooms and has become a favorite of many children. Aligns with Kindergarten Common Core standard RF.K.1 - Recognizes all upper and lower case letters of the alphabet.