CalcuSaver APK Download

By Chelsea Saunders

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2018-06-01
  • Current Version: 1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 326.00 kB
  • Developer: Chelsea Saunders



  • Life Saver

    By MilleyRizzle
    This app may have saved my life. I was sitting alone at my favorite bar in a cute mini skirt. Things were closing down for the night, and I had already had a couple so I was tipsy. A man walked over and sat next to me. He was a tall rugged man, older than me maybe into his forties. “H-Hey.” “Hey yourself miss, can I buy you a drink?” “I’m probably done for the night.” “Nonsense.” We exchanged names, but I'm going to keep those private. His breath smelled of alcohol and possibly marijuana, this made me instantly not trust him. “Hey bartender, bring this miss a piña colada; on my tab.” I was getting uncomfortable, but something about him told me it would be dangerous to leave. I took a nervous trip to the bathroom because I was getting weirded out. When I came back he was still just sitting there with an off putting smile. “Take a sip.” He said I felt compelled to and downed the whole glass. A mistake. I instantly felt drowsiness overwhelm me. I couldn't tell if it was just too much alcohol or I had been drugged so I didn't want to call the police. “Wow, that hit hard. Let me figure out my blood alcohol content,” I said nervously. I pulled out Calcusaver, and he watched as I put in the numbers. I stalled until my brother arrived, and I vaguely remember him sternly telling the man he was here to pick me up and him hauling me safely home.
  • So amazing.

    By Write this
    This app is INCREDIBLE! 11/10 recommend. Such a smart idea.
  • Great app, very reassuring

    By Marlo CW
    This app is incredibly easy to use. I tested it out and it works perfectly. Well done!


CalcuSaver was created and designed to be used as an incognito way to send for help for whenever you feel like you are in an uncomfortable situation. Once you have manually typed a phone number to serve as your emergency contact through the star button on the face of the calculator and created a short numerical code, you will be able to send for help within seconds. After you have designated an emergency contact and safe code, you will be able to add, subtract, multiply, or divide, to retrieve your safe code. Once your solution equals your safe code, an immediate message will be sent to your choice of an emergency contact.